A Happy Seaside Trip

- Jun 19, 2019-

In the hot summer, we have another tour organized by our company.

At first day, we went sightseeing at sea by yacht. At this time, you can enjoy the slow time by blowing the sea breeze on the blue sea.


And then we came to a farmhouse green sparse base, which is a man-made greenhouse, super large kind. There are many green fruits and melons planted here, as well as colorful peppers. Well, there are small gardens with cactus kingdom, and so on.

Yes, we're going to have lunch here. It's beautiful and suitable for bringing family here.



After lunch break, we arrived at the seaside, where many tourists had gathered. The next project is kayaking, two people in a group, free sea skating:), under the safety regulations, we race, play.... Then swim freely...

WeChat Image_20190617104730

WeChat Image_20190617104724

After nightfall, we started BBQ on the seaside, charcoal for gas and fresh food. And outdoor KTV. Everyone is a singer. Does a good song attract a lot of warm applause.


However, happy times always pass quickly, and we look forward to the next journey.

Here is the picture of Seaside Nightscape.