A Nice Client With His Nice Battery Box

- Sep 21, 2018-

Product name: metal battery case

Material: Electrolytic plate, thickness: 2.5mm

Application: Marine storage battery box

Still remenbered that I met Mr. Jean at alibaba.com at Oct 12rd, 2017. He send a inquery that day and off line soon, I reply him, but almost 2 days pass, he still not on line.

At that time, I thought I need to send an email to Mr. Jean, maybe he is busy to login in the website.

So I sent an email asking Jean about his general needs, but Jean answered me, saying he was sick and didn't go online, and thanking me for asking.

According the talking, I think Jean is a kindly man.

He place the order a month later after we discuss the details.

Okay then, the following is the finished metal box.

Spraying in orange color.

sheetmetal battery box.jpg