Analysis Of Molding Process For Plastic Enclosure Of Factory

- May 14, 2018-

  1. precision grade

There are many factors that affect the precision of the plastic parts, such as the shrinkage of plastic, the condition time, pressure and temperature of the injection molding, the shape of the plastic parts, the gate of the mold structure, the choice of the parting surface, the flying edge, the slope and the wear of the mould, and so on.

2. demoulding slope

Due to the shrinkage of the plastic parts after cooling, the mold core and the convex part in the cavity will be tightly wrapped, which makes the plastic parts difficult to pull out, and it will lead to the surface scraping and drawing of the plastic parts. 

In order to facilitate demoulding, plastic parts must be designed with internal and external surfaces that are parallel to the core and parallel to the core. 

Only when the height of the plastic parts is not high and there are no special narrow and small parts, can we not design the slope. The minimum release angle is related to the properties of plastics, shrinkage and geometry of plastic parts.plastic junction box for clear lid.jpg