Application Field Of Aluminum Alloy

- Sep 15, 2017-

All kinds of aircraft are made of aluminum alloy as the main structural material. The skin, beams, ribs, trusses, bulkhead and landing gear on the plane can be made of aluminum alloy. Depending on the purpose of the aircraft, aluminum dosage is different. The emphasis on the economic benefits of civil aircraft due to the low price of aluminum alloy, such as the use of the Boeing 767 passenger aircraft structure of about 81% of the body weight. Military aircraft have relatively reduced the amount of aluminum required for good combat performance, such as a F-15 high-performance fighter with a maximum flight speed of Mach 2.5 using only 35.5% aluminum. Some aluminum alloys have good low-temperature performance, under the -183~-253[2oc] is not cold crisp, can work in liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen environment, it and concentrated nitric acid and dimethyl hydrazide does not react to chemical reaction, has good welding performance, and thus is a good material for the manufacture of liquid rockets. The fuel tanks, oxidizer boxes, compartments, stages, tails, and instrument compartments of the "Saturn" launch vehicle of the Apollo 5th spacecraft are made of aluminum alloy.