CNC Machining Parts

- Mar 18, 2021-

Milling refers to a special equipment for cutting metal with a circular multi-blade cutter (we call it a milling cutter, the conventional milling cutter is tungsten steel, high hardness), called a milling machine, with a milling cutter on the milling machine Processing metal workpieces; milling. 

Therefore, aluminum milling parts are aluminum products processed by aluminum on a milling machine. Usually more precise aluminum milling parts are completed on CNC machine tools.

mini case

Large floor-standing milling machine, suitable for processing large workpieces. The main features are high torque and high precision for processing large workpieces. It is mainly used to increase the strength of cutters (mainly three-sided edge milling cutters, sheet milling cutters, etc.). It is suitable for processing large castings and forgings.