Custom Aluminum Enclosure

- Jul 30, 2020-

As a 20 years manufacturer of aluminum enclosure,we have hundreds types in stock.Usually customers can choose our existing aluminum enclosure to make the case for their electronic device.

Although the height and width of the box can not be changed,but the length we can cut to any size,and the color,the shape of end panels can be made as required.

Customers also can print different grafics on the enclosure,and drill different holes according to the PCB design.So even choose the same aluminum enclosure,because of different design of the PCB,the appearance maybe also different.

See the below photos that we just make for our customer,this is our A-12 aluminum enclosure,with size 27*66mm.After surface treatment and printing,it very nice!


If you have similar demand for the electronic device,please contact us for more information.we'll send the catalog for checking!