Custom Packaging And Standard Packaging

- Nov 02, 2018-

At present, here have various of packing stye with different area.

Today, let's know about packing of electronics or around electrical. Usually. a finished electronic products will match a single box to protect it, and the box will be strong, of course very nice.

However, before perfect products, there will have many steps of each parts.

We are a manufacturer, know that how a finished product is assembled, the seller collect plastic enclosures and metal enclosures to install PCB board or other connectors, and then the finished electronic products finished.

And about the enclosures, usually are customized with different material, like ABS plastic, aluminum panel plates, iron plates and so on.

And then, custom holes of each connectors/cables, after finished surface treatment, will silkscreen logos with the box, then packing with pearl cotton, and put them inside the carton.

Here is packing picture for reference.aluminum sheet metal box