Cutting Outlet Holes In Drywall To Install An Electrical Box

- Mar 29, 2018-

Additional switches and outlets are needed in a home from time to time. Knowing how to cut in an electrical box will come in handy if you want to complete this project.

Mark the Hole to be Cut

  • 1. Measure up the wall that you want to install the box.

  • 2. Place a small line, using a pencil, to mark where the top of the box will be.

  • 3. Using the electrical box that you are going to install, hold it up to the wall.

  • 4. Put the level on the side of the box to level it.

  • 5. Using the pencil, mark the outside of the box on the wall.

Cut the Hole

  • 1. Before cutting the hole, place a box or newspaper below the hole to be cut. This will catch all of the drywall dust.

  • 2. Using a drywall saw, cut the drywall by following the pencil lines that you've just drawn.

  • 3. To start the hole, tap the base of the drywall saw until it goes through the drywall.

  • 4. Continue cutting until the hole is completely cut out.