Daily Talking With Our Customer From German

- Apr 04, 2018-

For your inquiry,

1, Use this plastic box HF-N-45  95*60*45mm, right?


2, Make a sample on the box with a switch hole as picture showing size?

Correct. The Right size you find in the Technical Drawing from the Switch. Look the Picture: "ABS Box Panel Cut out". i make a red marker, what is the Hole size, what i need for the Switch.

2, For sample production time need at least 3 workdays, because we need simple drawing and test machine.


By the way, we will start our holiday from 5th to 7th April. So, will be finished on 11th April, maybe 10th April.


Attached pls find and checking PI details, and if any question here, let me know pls.

Sorry i dont see any Think attached, please send it again.