Design Proposal Of Electronic Sheet Metal Chassis?

- Aug 10, 2018-

What is the design proposal of electronic sheet metal chassis?

The sheet metal chassis generally includes shell,bracket,various switches on the panel, 

indicator lights and so on. As a part of the computer accessories,the main role is to place and fix the computer accessories,play a supporting and protective role.

The electronic sheet metal chassis processing can complete the completion of various processing techniques required by the cabinet of the sheet metal chassis. 

The planning of electronic sheet metal processing most commonly used in the metal case cabinet is the welding method and the full combination type.

1. The full combination of metal chassis processing is another way of connecting the cabinet of the chassis, 

and this method has a certain advantage on the parts spraying and protection, 

but there is a certain defect on the rigidity of the cabinet.

2. The welding method of electronic sheet metal chassis processing is one of the combination of cabinet cabinet. 

This method is the corresponding connection with the corresponding column and beam and so on. 

It can better ensure the welding rigidity and advantages of the cabinet, 

but the volume of the welding is too large and the single form is beyond the scale,

3. Spraying and electroplating are the most common methods of handling the exterior of a electronic sheet metal chassis, 

which is antirust and antistatic, and can also form a layer of protective film. 

When it is not the sheet metal processing cabinet, 

the appearance of all cabinet must be spray and electroplating. 

Usually the interior of the high quality sheet metal processing cabinet is less varnish, 

the electroplating treatment and the low cost of the sheet metal processing cabinet usually do the grill and electroplating. 

The intention is to whitewash the inferior information and perhaps add the thickness of the sheet.

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