Gas Sensor Plastic Enclosure With Logo Printing

- Mar 10, 2021-

Hongfa Shunda is a leading large-scale supplier of injection-molded plastic enclosures in the industry. For electronic sensors, testers, face recognition, and other electronic fields to provide a high-quality enclosure. The plastic enclosure is of good quality and low price, especially as a substitute for traditional metal.


Plastic enclosures are designed to accommodate and protect sensitive electronic and electrical components in a variety of applications. Our high-quality durable plastic case is made of ABS environmental protection material, and can also be made of fireproof ABS material. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring non-metallic enclosures. There are many sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, and our selection ensures that you can find the right solution for any application. The application and use of plastic enclosures are endless. It is generally used in desktop and handheld devices, remote sensors, industrial control boxes, wireless and telecommunication equipment, etc.

We can make silkscreen for the plastic enclosures,the colors can be made as required.If you need to print the logo,just send the photos,and the color number.

See the example photo below: