Application Prospect Of Aluminum Profile Products

- May 27, 2019-

It is more and more difficult for the aluminum production enterprises to survive, develop and expand by the traditional production technology and profit point.After nearly 10 years of rapid growth, China's aluminum industry has entered a new stage of development and shows many new trends.Application prospect of aluminum profile products:

Carrying out industrial aluminum profiles can bring abundant economic benefits and social values to enterprises.At present, the production and sales costs of building profiles are more transparent, and the added value of products is not high, while industrial profiles can increase the profit space of enterprises by at least 20% ~ 30%.In addition, due to its low carbon and environmental protection in the production process, it is in line with the national energy conservation and emission reduction and lightweight aluminum industry to carry out the task.

China's aluminum profile production increased from 1.719 million t in 2001 to 7.29 million t in 2009, with a compound growth rate of 19.8%.In 2009, China produced 4.96 million t of construction aluminum profiles and 2.33 million t of industrial aluminum profiles.In 2010, China's aluminum profile production and sales volume will exceed 10 million t, among which the consumption of building aluminum profile is expected to exceed 6 million t, and by 2012, China's aluminum profile production and sales volume is expected to reach about 14.4 million t.

In the field of industry, China's industrial aluminum profile accounts for only about 30% of the total aluminum application;During the same period, in the consumption structure of aluminum profiles in Europe, North America and Japan, the proportion of industrial consumption reached 60%, 55% and 40% respectively, far higher than that in China.The difference of consumption structure reflects the deficiency of aluminum profile in production, development and application in industrial field, and indicates that there is a huge growth space for aluminum profile consumption in China.It is estimate