Hot Sell Of A New Sheetmetal Box

- Sep 12, 2018-

For this box, our customer call it SET TOP box.

Made of aluminum plates in 1.5mm thickness, anodizing sand blasting in black color, and silkscreen their products logo in white color.

This design is very nice, and the finished box looks nice, smoothly surface, a little light.

Actually, this order cost much time and money from design, make samples and produce the final production.900131578995903369.jpg900131578995903369.jpg

I'm really very thanks for my customer Liya, she is a very pretty woman, we always have a nice talking about the production or something of life.

It is the end of production now, for 5000pcs, this is a large production with our factory, we are checking, testing and packing these days, we always make sure every details to offer the best products to our customers.

At the ends, I put some picture of this nice design here, if you are also like this box or you have the amazing design too, welcome to contact with us for nice talking.

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