In The Future, The Hardware Tool Industry Is In Urgent Need Of Upgrading-02

- Oct 26, 2017-


With the rapid development of domestic industry and the pace of industrial transformation, the market demand for precision measuring instruments is increasing. At present, China has a certain experience and technical accumulation in the production of precision hardware tools and equipment, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries. With the development of economy, China's demand for high-end precision tools will also produce explosive growth. The precision of hardware fittings used in the production of high-end precision tools will be improved accordingly, so the hardware tool manufacturing enterprises should begin to make their own production to precision development.

System integration

From the world perspective, developed countries in Europe and America have long separated from the traditional parts production stage, and turned to the research and development, design and production of complete sets of technology and integrated control. And this direction of development is also an important development direction of China's hardware tool industry. Only by integrating hardware production system can we adapt to more and more fierce market competition and stand out in the competition.

In the future, the hardware tool enterprises only succeed in high-end, intelligent, precision, system integration of these four directions successfully break through, in order to enter a new round of growth and development.