Maintenance Techniques Of Aluminum Shell

- May 11, 2018-

1, according to the use of the environment, aluminum shell should be cleaned regularly.aluminum box ofor inverter .jpg

2. It is strictly prohibited to loose bulk cars during the loading of aluminum alloy profiles, resulting in bruises.

3, use warm water containing lubricant or neutral detergent to wash, do not use acid or alkaline cleaning agent.

4. When the surface of aluminum shell is eroded and polluted, it should be cleaned in time. The dirt can be cleaned with soft cloth and washed with water.

5. After cleaning, the aluminum shell can be protected by high quality topcoat to protect the anodized film.

6. Cleaning equipment should be made of soft cloth and towels. No use of corundum powder, sandpaper, wire brush or other friction materials to clean the surfaces of aluminum windows and doors.