Mold Definition

- May 15, 2020-

Mold is called "the mother of industry". It is a processing tool that processes raw materials and gives them complete configuration and accurate size. It is mainly used for efficient and mass production of relevant parts in industrial products. The development of mold industry has always been attached great importance by the state. According to the Guiding Catalogue of industrial structure adjustment (2011 Edition) issued by the national development and Reform Commission, "precision mold (precision of stamping die ≤ 0.02mm, precision of cavity die ≤ 0.05mm)" is listed as an encouraging industry, and given priority to development.

With the development of modern industry, molds have been widely used in automotive, home appliances, consumer electronics, instruments, aerospace and medical devices and other products, of which about 60% - 80% of parts and components need to be processed and formed by molds.

According to the statistical data, the proportion of molds that can drive its related industries is about 1:100, that is, the development of molds is 100 million yuan, which can drive the related industries 10 billion yuan. According to different molding materials, the mold can be divided into metal molding mold, plastic molding mold and other molding mold; according to different molding methods, the mold can be divided into injection mold, stamping mold, die-casting mold and forging die; according to different processing accuracy, the mold can be divided into ordinary precision mold and precision mold.