Reasons For The Formation Of Inferior Aluminum Alloy Profiles

- Apr 11, 2019-

The wall thickness of inferior aluminum alloy profiles is far below the mandatory standard, and some even bend with a hand of aluminum alloy profiles. In order to save costs, some buildings use a large number of unqualified aluminum alloy profiles. The name and address of the plant are not marked on the profile, and the production license number is not marked. The failure of the aluminum alloy profile is caused by man-made. The main problems are manifested in three aspects:


First, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs, the manufacturer cut corners in the production process, or the quality of the molds used is unqualified, which directly leads to the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy profiles being under the standard.


Second, the manufacturers are not strict with the raw materials, the chemical elements in the raw materials do not meet the specified content requirements, or mixed with impurities when processing with raw materials, resulting in the production of aluminum alloy-type chemical elements seriously exceeded the standard.


Third, when the manufacturer performs the aluminum alloy profile coating process, the solution concentration used is not configured according to the specified requirements, and the solution concentration is not timely and inaccurate, resulting in a thinner oxide film that does not reach the standard thickness.