Requisite Knowledge Of Manufacturer's Wireless Platform Enclosure

- Apr 10, 2018-

Wireless platform controller in the factory's wireless platform box.

The controller is connected with these functional entities through the interface provided by them with switches, base stations and operation maintenance centers.

The wireless platform enclosure must withstand great temperature changes, so that the wireless platform system will not fail due to the change of climatic conditions.The material must be with new materials and quality assurance, it can withstand climate change, sunscreen, moisture-proof, shockproof and not easy to burst.

The last of course safe.

Because the power of the wireless platform is large, the heating is also large. If the internal heat can not be three in time, it will affect the life of the components. The aluminum alloy wireless platform shell has good heat dissipation characteristics on the one hand, and also has protective function on the other hand.