Sheet Metal Case With Different Style

- Jun 10, 2020-

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About sheet metal case, is a comprehensive cold working process for sheet metal (usually under 6mm), including shearing, punching / cutting / compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc. Its remarkable feature is that the thickness of the same part is the same. The products processed by sheet metal technology are called sheet metal parts.

Today, I will introduce 2 styles stock metal case here:

1, 195 series: Aluminum sheet material, wall thickness 3.0 mm, stocks without any custom holes, silver.


2, 19 inch rack mount case series

Our stock standard samples are1U,1.5U,2U,2.5U,3U,3.5U.Widely used in power communication, subway engineering, servers, industrial computers, etc. There is no hole processing on the spot products, which can be customized.


If you are interested in above style cases, please feel free to contact us by email:

Thank you!