Sheet Metal Working Method

- Mar 21, 2019-


Blanking method

Blanking is the thick material according to the need to cut.There are many methods of sheet metal blanking.According to the type and working principle of the machine tool, it can be divided into shear, milling, punching, oxygen cutting and laser cutting.


Shearing is mainly to use a shearing machine to cut the sheet material with straight edges. It is required to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shearing surface, and to minimize the plate distortion.

Blanking is mainly carried out by CNC punch or common punch and blanking die.

3.Manual forming

1. With the continuous development of production technology, the vast majority of the molding process is completed in the machine.Manual methods are often used as supplementary processing or correction work.But in the case of single production, or some of the more complex shape of the parts, is still inseparable from the manual processing machine.Manual molding is mainly the use of some simple tire, by mold, and a variety of jig to complete.Manual molding mainly adopts the following methods: bending, edge, edge, pull out, arch, curling, seam correction.

4.Die forming

Die forming is the use of presses, folding machines and a variety of molds to complete the sheet metal molding.Can be divided into: bending, drawing, local molding, and flanging, shrink mouth, neck, flaring and bulging, forming, bending, spinning and leveling.

Bending is one of the main methods of sheet metal processing.