Shenzhen CNC Computer Gongs Processing Related Instructions

- Jan 10, 2018-

CNC computer gong processing, the workpiece in the search for correction and program debugging completion, can enter the active processing period. In the process of active processing, the operator should monitor the process of cutting to avoid the problem of forming the quality of the workpiece and other events in the abnormal cutting. The quality of the workpiece is determined by the quality of the tool.

Shenzhen CNC computer gong processing instruction pattern is:

X, Y - the azimuth of the holes to be processed;

The Z - coordinate values (if the bottom of the hole hole, then drill should go beyond the bottom surface of the workpiece);

R - the coordinate value of the reference point (R points higher than 2 to 5mm on the top of the workpiece);

Q - the processing depth of each time;

F - feed speed (mm/min);

G98 - the borehole ends back to the initial plane;

G99 - come back to see the plane when the drill is finished (that is, the R point place plane).

Because the CNC computer gong processing process is completely active, it can reduce labor intensity, shorten production time, and then increase production power.