Team Expand Training Of 2018

- Dec 25, 2018-

Good things always happen, Hongfa Shunda Mould Co., Ltd. organized a two-day outreach training.

The training is mainly to train the unity and tacit understanding between the players, thus forming an atmosphere of positive, solidarity and mutual assistance. Here is our photos.


Entering the theme, this expansion training consists of two major projects, namely the pressure plate and the graduation wall.

The fingerboard is accompanied by running and screaming, exciting and exciting.


Next is the graduation wall, a 4.5-meter high wall, without any tools and completing the task of full staff over the specified time. How would you choose in the face of desperation? Give up or persist? After many failures, our teammates still clenched their teeth and finally completed the task in the limit time. At that moment, we were full of excitement and pride, surpassing our own pride; at that moment, we could not distinguish our face. Rain, sweat and tears.


During the game, the rain has been going down, as if the test was specific. Each of us worked together and finally sweated and embraced together because we defeated ourselves!


Grateful to know each other, grateful to meet, thank you for all this!

Wish all the best of 2019!