The Common Process Techlogies For Aluminium Profile

- Mar 29, 2019-

Aluminum profiles have good ductility and plasticity and are widely used in various fields. So what are the aluminum forming processes? Generally, the common processes of aluminum forming are ingot casting, extrusion, heat treatment and surface treatment. So what are the characteristics of these kinds of processing methods?


1.Ingot: The main process includes batching, smelting, casting, soaking, etc., forming ingots with certain chemical composition and outer dimensions. The prepared raw materials are smelted in a gas furnace or an electric furnace. The smelted melt passes through a stationary furnace, a launder, a flow plate, a filter, and is cooled in a crystallizer to form a shaped ingot.

2.Extrusion: Extrusion is carried out on an automatic production line consisting of ingot heating, extrusion, cooling, tension straightening, sawing and other processes. Equipment on the production line, including induction heating furnace, extruder, tapping station, discharge conveyor, aluminum profile lifting and conveying device, cooling bed, tension straightening machine, storage platform, tractor, sawing machine, etc. heating temperature of ingot Generally controlled at 400 ° C ~ 520 ° C, the temperature is too high or too low will directly affect the extrusion molding. Extruder generally uses a single-action hydraulic press, its tonnage between 1200 tons ~ 2500 tons. Extruder extrusion tube The diameter varies with the size of the extruder tonnage, the tonnage of the extruder is large, and the diameter of the extrusion barrel is also large.

3.Heat treatment: The aluminum profile is given the desired mechanical properties through different quenching and aging systems.

4.Surface treatment: Surface treatment can enhance the appearance of the profile and prolong the service life of the aluminum profile. The surface treatment of the aluminum profile can also be colored, which can be obtained by natural oxidation coloring, electrolytic coloring and dip coloring.