The Effect Of Steel Price On Plastic Mould Factory

- May 02, 2018-

Small plastic mold factory is more impacted.

Plastic mold in China is a very competitive industry, a lot of small workshops, as long as there are several machines can open, do some small parts processing, they have little demand for steel, the price of the goods is not a large plastic mold factory low, the price negotiation is not dominant. 

Therefore, the impact of the price of aluminum and steel on the plastic mold factory is more reflected in the small mold processing plant. When the price of aluminum and steel is rising, many plastic mould factories will hold the goods, which can lower the price. 

Under the condition of low price, this kind of phenomenon is less, but the small plastic mold is less. Factories are different. If they do not catch up with some peers, it will be difficult to gain an advantage in price.

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