The Role Of Power Bank Aluminum Enclosure?

- Aug 15, 2018-

What is the role of power bank aluminum enclosure?

1. With external power supply, the product can charge itself and the iPhone; without external power supply, it can charge the iPhone directly, and the charging time is fast.

2, The product is equipped with a USB data line, which can be connected with PC at any time and managed synchronously.

3, Safety protection: short circuit protection, anti over charge protection, and anti over discharge protection function.

Matters needing attention in making power bank aluminum enclosure,

Before you plan to make power bank aluminum enclosure, 

you must find a good material for it. The material is divided into battery core, IC protection chip, shell, charging and discharging plug. 

First of all, for the battery, mainly divided into ordinary lithium-ion battery and lithium polymer battery, 

about the difference between the two kinds of battery, there are many introductions on the Internet, making lithium polymer battery more safe and reliable.

For IC protection chip, it has the biggest effect on power bank aluminum enclosure. 

The main points are as follows: 

First, if the boost circuit system is perfect, which can ensure the boost conversion efficiency, 

the general conversion rate is not less than 80%. 

The second point is whether overloading or over-charging or over-discharging etc load protection is applied. 

The third point is smart power display. Let people know electricity at a glance.

Of course, Now the consumers are very cautious about the choice of power bank, not only beautiful, also the capacity, security, interface compatibility are required. 

Therefore,we must consider it from many aspects in the design of power bank aluminum enclosure, 

Consumers should also take safety into account when choosing to buy, instead of blindly pursuing beauty and large capacity.