Things Before Making A Purchase Of Electrical Plastic Box

- Mar 31, 2018 -


Plastic junction boxes are easy to install in many situations. They're easiest to install during new construction when the wall studs or ceiling joists are exposed. You simply hold the box against the wood framing and drive the two nails that come pre-attached to the box. They even have markings on the side for setting the proper depth so that the box is flush with the face of the wall when the drywall goes up. Boxes for new construction are called "new work." There are also special boxes for remodeling work, called "old work." These have little ears that flip out to grab the backside of the drywall when the box is screwed in place. Metal boxes also come in old work types, but they aren't always as easy to use. 

Cable Clamps

Plastic junction boxes have integrated cable clamps, little spring tabs that hold electrical cable snug once it's inserted into the box.

By contrast, many metal boxes require a separate cable clamp that is secured to the cable and the box. There's nothing wrong with a separate clamp; it's just easier and a bit quicker to use the plastic tabs. 


Plastic is cheaper than metal. Both are pretty cheap, but plastic wins in most cases. The fact that they don't need clamps also saves you a little bit more.