Training For Public Safety

- Mar 07, 2019-

In the spring of March, we are all working hard in our own positions.

Yesterday afternoon, Longgang District Committee organized the "Longgang First Class" enterprise staff training in the factory area.


The company's leaders attach great importance to production safety, because we are in the hardware and plastics processing industry, our products mostly are customized aluminnum box , plastic enclosure and various of case made by different metal plates. there are various machines in the workshop. Such as: Injection machine, CNC milling machine, Laser cutting machine etc... 


So our boss mobilize all employees to stop production for 1 hour to train lectures, and there are exams after class.

At the beginning, we watched various security accident videos and analyzed and summarized them one by one: In the face of various hidden dangers, we must understand the hazards and eliminate them. For natural disasters that cannot be avoided, preventive measures should be taken to minimize losses.

Finally, we all passed the assessment and got the relevant e-Cert.


Training on safety knowledge of production is necessary because we are sticking to the front line in production.