What Affects The Price Change Of The Aluminum Profile Enclosure?

- Mar 24, 2018-

The factors that affect the price change of the aluminum profile shell are mainly from the following aspects:

1. The effect of alumina supply is about 28%-34% of the cost of aluminum ingot production.

2.The relationship between supply and demand directly affects the market pricing of commodities. When the market supply and demand are in temporary equilibrium, the market price of the commodity will fluctuate in a narrow range. When the supply and demand relationship is out of balance, the price will fluctuate greatly.

3. Electricity, aluminum industry is also called the "electric tiger" industry at home and abroad, the average power consumption per ton aluminum aluminum were controlled under 15 thousand kwh/t. The experience of the production of aluminum ingot in western countries shows that when electricity exceeds 30% of the aluminum production cost, it is considered to be a dangerous production.

4. The impact of the economic situation has become an important non-ferrous metal variety. Especially in developed countries or regions, the consumption of aluminum has been highly correlated with the development of the economy.

5. The impact of import and export tariffs and international exchange rates. The trade of interal six is generally priced and settled in US dollars. In recent years, the impact of US dollar on aluminum price is obvious. The impact of import and export tariffs on the price of aluminum case is particularly prominent in China.

6. Effect of improvement and innovation, six aluminum box production process of aluminum, the technology of the computer in the aluminum electrolysis industry quickly led to the establishment of application, research and related mathematical model of physical field in the process of electrolysis, making the design more reasonable electrolytic cell, electrolyzer capacity greatly increased.