What Is The Effect Of Cold Deformation On The Properties Of Aluminum During The Processing Of Aluminum Enclosure?

- Mar 19, 2018-

What is the effect of cold deformation on the properties of aluminum during the processing of aluminum enclosure?

A: mechanical properties: aluminum after cold deformation, due to the occurrence of intragranular and intergranular failure, the lattice distortion and there were second kinds of residual stress, the plastic index fell sharply in the limit state may be close to completely brittle state; on the other hand, due to the lattice distortion, dislocation increases and grain refinement and elongated sub structure, and the strength is greatly improved, which is the hardening phenomenon.

B: structure and anisotropy: Aluminum by more severe cold plastic deformation, due to the anisotropy of material texture. For example, an aluminum alloy sheet is prone to obvious ear making in deep blanking.