What Is The Several Polishing Method For Aluminum Extrusion Profile Enclosure Box?

- Sep 03, 2018-

What is the several polishing method for aluminum extrusion profile enclosure box?

With the times going, the development of various means of transportation, such as aircraft, ships, automobiles and even household products, 

office furniture are used in aluminum extrusion profile enclosure box, 

it can be said to be used in many fields, the use is of very extensive.

It is closely related to people's lives,

but every year we have a lot of aluminum extrusion profile is oxidized, and lose luster, at this time need to be polished. 

The general polishing is divided into three method: polishing, mechanical polishing, and electric polishing. 

In order to polish the car or ship, we should grasp the order.

Mechanical polishing and then electrical polishing are used to restore the gloss of the past and to colour the aluminum extrusion profile enclosure box.