What's The Trend Of Plastic ABS This Year?

- Oct 31, 2017-

1. overall market review

Crude oil market declines. Styrene in promoting the continuous appreciation of the RMB under the CFR prices rose slowly, but the inside is very light. Butadiene has hit a new record this week. It is said that the price of CFR Far East has reached 1900 US dollars / ton. In the cost push, the domestic ABS manufacturers to enter the ups and downs of the dilemma, but because some of the middlemen and large-scale processing enterprises to batch purchase of raw materials, many petrochemical enterprises temporarily abandon the price adjustment intention, focus on delivery of goods. The lower part of small and medium-sized factories are ready to advance into the Spring Festival holiday, end demand is shrinking, fortunately, most traders in the hands of inventory is not much, so the majority of businesses have no obvious delivery pressure, the majority of the market, do not want to rush to the road. However, the individual non mainstream market also has some small demand before the Spring Festival, such as Shandong and other places, the demand for bottle cap products enterprises is good, the recent purchases are considerable, and the speed of business shipments is faster. On Friday, the mainstream quotation of domestic materials in East China market was 15150-16000 yuan / ton, and the main quotation of imported materials was 16000-16800 yuan / ton. Southern China market domestic material mainstream price of 14550-15400 yuan / ton, import material mainstream price of 15000-15700 yuan / ton. (Southern China prices are free of charge).