What's The Trend Of Plastic ABS This Year?

- Oct 31, 2017-

Mainstream market analysis:

A, East China market

This week, the local market maintained a steady trend of small, petrochemical prices rose to the local touch is not large, the majority of prices and last weekend flat. Only a small amount of material rose at 50-100 yuan / ton. 0215A prices rose 150 to 15350 yuan / ton this week. 757K rose 100 quotation and Ningbo 121H flat, at 16000 yuan / ton. How to stabilize the price of imported materials first, merchants supply of goods is not much, the overall turnover in general. Terminal enterprises to see hyperactivity, some have begun to leave, many businesses are more stable operation based, weak market trend is difficult to substantially improve. Some enterprises are reluctant to put too much cash on raw materials due to the tight capital flow.

B, Southern China Market

Last weekend to Monday, part of the Pearl River Delta rose slightly 50 yuan / ton. Since then until the weekend, the local market price ups and downs, generally depending on the supply and shipment situation, the price fluctuation of 50-100 yuan / ton. 757, the supply is still not much, the U.S. offer higher, the RMB price to 15600-15700 yuan / ton. 0215A is also due to transport problems, the recent market can find little spot, Shunde offer climbed to 14900-14980 yuan / ton. Taiwan material 15A1 offer 15000-15100 yuan / ton. It is reported that the southern part of the region due to tight supply has begun to implement peak electricity, but because many downstream factory is ready to shut down or low load production, so the impact on the ABS terminal user is not obvious. (all tax free prices in Southern China)

3. domestic dollar market

The mainland market demand is dull, the upstream raw material trend is everywhere, the Hongkong dollar market is also difficult to have the substantive change. Intermediary quotation change is not much, individual quotation decline range is controlled within 5 dollars / ton, but the buyer purchase quantity is still in small batch. On Friday, the ABS mainstream price was $1733-1795 / ton CIF Hongkong.