Why Should The Gap Between 1-2mm Be Reserved For PCB Board?

- Mar 17, 2019-

Why should the gap between 1-2mm be reserved for PCB board?

Aluminum Extruded Box Application

This problem can be reflected from the life of the extrusion die.Due to continuous use in production, the mold will produce a certain loss, and extrusion profile, the size will change slightly.Therefore, the longer the service life of the extrusion die, the extruded products, PCB board needs to be slightly modified, that is, in order to adapt to the batch of aluminum shell, corresponding to reduce the size of 1-2mm, so as to be able to assemble smoothly in the batch of products.However, the mold will not change, so that the PCB cannot be loaded or the PCB board width is not enough when the PCB board is installed.

Therefore, we also need to understand why such a change has taken place, and make an evaluation when purchasing aluminum shell, so as to know well.