ABS Plastic Electronic Speaker Housing

ABS Plastic Electronic Speaker Housing

Electronic speaker enclosure Model No.: HF-N-216 external size: 103.5×99.5×42.8mm
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Product Details

Main Parameter:

ABS plastic electronic junction box 

Order Notes:

Model No.: HF-N-216

External size: 104*100*43mm

1. Material and color can be customized.


2. Customization: cutouts hole, colors, silkscreen logos etc.


3. For modification, cuatomized hole on the existing box, can't change structures.


4. More details you also can visit our company web: www.hfjxkt.com

N-216 SIZE


pringting logo design



Packing and Shipping:

We packing our goods in transparent plastic bags or single packing with pearl cotton and brown cartons.


Shipment way: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT ETC. Once we ship the goods, we will provide you the tracking number next day.

Shipping charges: Shipping rates quoted are estimates only. Shipping charges are calculated by our courier's automated system.

standard export packing


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