Black Plastic Junction Box With Wall Mounted

This plastic box made of abs, and it is the injection type。 ABS: ABS resin is one of the five major synthetic resins. Its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties are excellent, and it is easy to process.
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Product Description:

Product Name: standard plastic junction box

Model No.: HF-N-80

Material: High impact ABS;

External Size: 70*45*35mm

Color: Black

wall mounted plastic box.jpg


customized box

Characteristics of ABS plastic enclosure

Comprehensive performance is good, the material is light, the impact strength is high, the chemical stability, the electrical performance is good, and it will not rust.

Good fusion with 372 plexiglass, made of two-color plastic parts, and can be chrome plated on the surface and painted.

With high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant, reinforcement, transparency etc. 

Liquidity is better than PMMA, PC, etc., good flexibility.

Good insulation and low thermal conductivity.

Generally good formability and coloring, low processing cost.

Drilling holes:


When drilling holes on plastic enclosure,usually use CNC machining. It is important to note that when CNC processes square holes, the corner can not be processed into 90 degree right angle, which will be R angle, and the minimum R angle can be R1.

OEM and ODM:




1.Normal Package:

2.Specific packaging can be made to order.

plastic box package



You can specify other shipping methods such as Airmail, FEDEX or DHL. We shall let you know about the shipping cost after receipt of your order. 

And also can send by sea or air, kindly send me the port of yours.

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