Plastic Outlet Enclosure For Electronic Device

Standardized plastic outlet enclosure HF-N-123 external size:100×80×29mm
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Product Details

Main Parameter:

The box with heat sink holes for wire outlet

Product NamePlastic wire junction box
ColorLight grey color in stock
CustomizationCutout holes,Silkscreen logo,Colors
MOQ1 piece(custom: 10pcs)

Please ask our customer service for more customized details.


N-123 SIZE


Customization Service:

customized finishing

Packing and Shipping:

We packing our goods in transparent plastic bags or single packing with pearl cotton and brown cartons.


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The difference between cold or hot runner plastic mold

1. The steel side focus is different:

Injection molding cold die test steel focuses on hardness and wear resistance; injection hot die test steel has appropriate hardness requirements, focusing on red hardness, thermal conductivity and wear resistance.

2. The carbon content is not the same.

The injection molding cold mold has high carbon content, the alloying elements increase the hardenability and improve the wear resistance; the injection mold has a low carbon content, and the alloy elements increase the hardenability and improve the wear resistance and red hardness. Mainly.

Knowledge point extension:

The cold mold test mold of the injection mold includes the mold for making the punching (the blanking punching die, the trimming die, the punch, the scissors), the cold die and the cold extrusion die, the bending die and the wire drawing die;

Injection mold hot mold test molds include hammer forging die, hot extrusion die and die casting die.