Diecast Aluminum Extrusion Enclosures Box

This type case assembled by extruded aluminum profile parts and aluminum plates and die-casting aluminum parts. The case with a strong structure.
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Product Details

Main Parameter:

 An extruded aluminum body and diecast end caps create an extremely robust yet lightweight enclosure, perfect for both project boxes and industrial OEM enclosure applications. 

Diecast Aluminum Extrusion Enclosures Box

Model No.:HF-C-10
ColorGray or custom color
External Size160*400*360mm
Material Aluminum alloy
StandardUpon engineer drawings required
Grade6000 Series 
Surface Treatment Anodizing, Powder coating, Wire drawing, Polishing etc.
UsedElectrical communication equipment

  Dimensions can be customized depend on customer's requirement.

aluminum panel price.jpg

rack mount enclosure.jpg

Customziation Service:

customized surface treatment.jpg


1. Short lead time and reduced initial tooling

2. Charge compared with silk screen printing.

3. No extra charge for multi-color operation.

4. We can print yours from just 1 piece!

5. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, excellent performance, no corrosion, good appearance and structure


Metal or steel boxes are more durable than plastic boxes and some, like gangable boxes, can be joined to add more devices. 

These boxes are used in garages and basements where they are likely to be exposed and require more wear and tear traffic. Unlike plastic boxes that crack easily, metal boxes are built to last.

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